Whether you’re a bedroom music producer, guitarist in a band or a professional mixing and mastering engineer – one of the most interesting and confusing topics is where to invest your hard-earned money for the best results.


Recently we moved house and I had the opportunity to build my studio the way I have always wanted to in a good sized room with a great view. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on hardware, software, furniture. A lot has been traded, sold or upgraded, and much of it has been under-utilised.


I’ve learnt a lot from owning lots of different gear, from speaking to peers and reading reviews and watching endless YouTube walkthroughs – and the best advice I can give to you is that if you don’t use it regularly, you probably don’t need it and could be using that money of yours more effectively.

What helps me get the most out of my time in the studio is two simple considerations:

  1. Does my equipment bring value to my work on a regular basis?
  2. Do I feel free to express myself or work without distraction in my studio?

Based on this, the most important things for me as a producer to  have been in this exact order:

  1. A good base for working: Functional, comfortable and ergonomic furniture and the right acoustic treatment.
  2. Good monitors
  3. A workhorse keyboard and a quality audio interface

Of course, there is still the need for my computer, DAW and plugins, but I kind of think that’s a given, whatever setup you have.

Now that I have my Pleko desk as the centre piece of my studio and some great matching acoustic panels, it is an absolute pleasure to spend long hours doing what I love. If you are interested in purchasing a desk for your new studio and would like to have something that looks and feels top quality without the huge price tag, why not try a Pleko Studio Desk.