Labyrinthos Eurorack Case

  • Available as either fully assembed or as a DIY kit (this requires sanding and assembly – wood glue and your choice of finish such as tung oil to be bought separately)
  • 84HP Width, Up to 2 bays of 3U
  • Detachable hinged lid
  • Internal cutaways for running power ribbon between lid and base
  • Rack rails can be installed in both case and lid, with clearance for knobs when closed
  • Birch furniture grade ply
  • Premium black metal fittings and accessories
  • Orders take approximately 1-2 weeks to be delivered from purchase date
  • Case only – does not include rack rails or power supply
  • Depth: 144mm
  • External Width: 456mm
  • Height: 194mm
  • Internal lid height: 85mm
  • Distance from top of rail to base: 62mm
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